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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Say Hey! Its Kevin James on the Radio Again Tonight (Saturday)

On the night on what should of been the Grand Premiere of the Randy Economy Radio Show, the Flu Bug has forced Economy to call upon, now City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works President Kevin James, to do fill in work this evening.
 Hey! Mayor Eric Garcetti and his Board of Public Works President Kevin James, express their approval of Kevin's fill-in role this evening on KRLA 870 AM from 8-9 PM.
** Blogger's Note: A bloggin morning of mixed emotions as we are sadden that the must anticipated debut of the Saturday Evening Randy Economy Radio Show on KRLA 870 AM, has been delayed a week due to the Investigated Reporter being stricken with the Flu. But as we wish Randy a speedy recovery, a former night time KRLA regular will fill in for the upstart radio host this evening. Kevin James, who talked his way into a Mayoral Run for Office and parleyed his endorsement of Mayor Eric Garcetti, into an appointment as the paid President of the Board of Public Works, has graciously accepted Economy's request to replace him behind the microphone tonight. The last time James was on radio (KFI), many were reminded of the old days of 870 AM KIEV, where paid-for infomercials dedicated to self-promotion, were the norm. Being that James gets a fleeting hour of broadcast time this evening, expect to hear a rehash of City Hall-related banter from a now supposed, insider perspective. But if James wishes to defy the bloggin cynics, maybe he will have some uninhibitive thoughts on the below photos of a certain truck with Nury Martinez signs attached to its frame?  
Bureau of Sanitation Truck with CD 6 Clowncilwoman Nury Martinez Signs.
We wish a speedy recovery to the award-winning Investigative Reporter and now Talk Radio Host Randy Economy.
Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Some Huizar Fact Checking from the CD 14 Campaign Trail.

Please pardon the bloggin break, but with no apologies to a certain Tonto Huevon ......., we're back, with some inconvenient facts ......, via his thoughts.
Whew!! Thanks to my 16 staffers voting, I was barely able to get the Northeast Democrats Endorsement by a 36-20 vote and about that Sierra Club/ League of Conservation Voters Endorsement?
Lucky for ME, Ed has not been to Hazard Park in some time where my huevon tendencies and lack of truthfulness, caused a community rebellion that save the historic park, no thanks to ME.
Ed, the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters did not see my attempt to kill mature Sycamore Trees at Hazard for a USC-benefitting road.
The "True Green Record" I care the most about is campaign contributions, not some trees.
What is wrong with a few trees being sacrifice for the sake of USC?
Who cares about untreated stormwater impacting precious green space? What was more important was using the $700,000 plus dollars of Prop O money in a community where I needed votes.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Is CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" cooperating in another Autry National Center "Big Announcement" smoke screen?
 There is only one future option for the Southwest Museum and that is to reopen it. 
Is Clowncilman Gil enabling another "Broken Deal Cedillo Moment"?

** Eagle Rock's Boulevard Sentinel Editor and Publisher Tom Topping has the specifics of tomorrow morning's Big Announcement regarding the collaboration between The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Autry National Center, with cooperation of Clowncilman Broken Deal Cedillo, on a Two-Year Study regarding the future usage of the Southwest Museum location.
In the spirit of interactive involvement, we offer up these options on what the future should entail for the location of the City of Los Angeles First Museum.
** Just in time for the 2015 Election Season, the MTA is apparently having second thoughts about  Development Plans for its Boyle Heights Mariachi Plaza. As a MTA staffer states .........., "Generally there has not been much support for Mariachi Plaza. We might start over from scratch," said MTA development officer Jenna Hornstock. She said the agency has been trying to gather community input since the proposal was announced in the fall. Results are to be presented to the MTA board next month.
** CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar, should be all smiles knowing that his favorite, enabling journalistic stringer, Alice "The City Maven" Walton, has been hired by the Los Angeles Times. In honor of the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalist Graduate (with Masters) we bring you this "Bloggin Flashback", involving her, Michael "MEAT" Trujillo and the 2013 John Choi for CD 13 Campaign ........,
On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 1:05 PM, Michael Trujillo wrote:
So in a few moments Alice Walton at KPCC will be writing about Choi's impressive haul - 100k in 19 days.
Would really appreciate it you could all link to it on your FB accounts - i'll send out the link once it posts.
Its critical that many people (the right people) read this - since there are many political hurdles we have to navigate and getting this piece of critical information out - might slow some people down from even entering the race.
More like ......., thank you naught MEAT.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Morning Brief on the CD 14 Election Scene for Hump Day

As CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar reaps the windfall of being Lamar Advertising's Point Man via 100 Free Re-election Billboards, "Team Tonto Huevon's" efforts to deflect criticism by hiding behind its Green Endorsements, are a cause to revisit how he obtain them originally.    
When not accepting congratulations (and free advertising) for being the Billboard Blight Poster Child, Clowncilman Huizar runs behind his ........., 
......., his League of Conservation Voters and Sierra Club Endorsements.
** Blogger's Note: This blogger has a past ........., tale of attempted political manipulation and coercion on behalf of a certain, embattled City Clowncil Central Committee Member. On a winter evening in December of 2006, a group of Sierra Club Central Group Political Committee Members met with the trio highlighted below to discuss an endorsement of a then rising political figure in Los Angeles Politics. Then Sierra Club Angeles Group Political Committee Chairperson Susana Reyes, her friend Coalition for Clean Air Board Member Martin Schlateger and then CD-14 Chief of Staff Joe Avila, arraigned the meeting at the defunct El Sereno Antigua Coffee Shop with the Central Group Political Committee Members, to express strongly the virtues (more like, you have to) of endorsing Jose Huizar for his First Term as City Clowncilman. The intimate aura of this session of attempted strong-arm political manipulation was interrupted when another candidate Alvin Parra "chanced upon" the gathering and caused an end to the proceedings. Long story, short, the Central Group Committee conducted a fair process that gave Huizar the endorsement he would of received anyway. The blunt reality is that Huizar being a Democrat was more important than his Green Record. Seven years later, the true Green Record of Huizar is one that merits further examining (considering the Times coverage of Huizar's Billboards), but those who help him achieved his current "Green-status" have definitely move on to "greener todays" (at taxpayers cost) ** Morning Update: a source stated that the Sierra Club would not open its Endorsement to reconsideration---Scott Johnson in CD 14.   
Sierra Club National Board of Director ......., and current DWP Human Resources Director Susana Reyes (at microphone). 
 Former Coalition for Clean Air Member ........., and now Clowncilman Huizar's Planning Director Martin Schlageter.
Former Clowncilman Huizar Chief of Staff ......, and now Staff Assistant to the DWP General Manager Joe Avila.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

City Clowncil bans Alcohol Ads on Public Places as Huizar takes Credit

CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar , is to be commended ......, again,  for excelling in the political art form of contradiction. This time, on the issue of alcohol. 
Contradiction in the act of self-enriching governing, is well-known Huizar political trait.
** Blogger's Note: Great afternoon from the Political Billboard Blight Capital of Ciudad de Los Angeles (link here for cost of Huizar's latest Billboard Campaign Blight) as we await the latest "Coca Puff" of Officeholder Spin via the self-noting Princeton Graduate. This afternoon the City Clowncil Central Committee voted to ban Alcohol Ads from most City of Los Angeles-owned Public Locations and for the political record, we expect the longtime CD 14 Propaganda/ Communications Director Rick Coca to release his latest directive which will offer testimonial praise for Huizar's leadership in seconding this new ordinance. But as this blog recently reported, Huizar's efforts in banning alcohol-related advertising on public property, does not go hand in hand, with the Clowncilman's efforts to grow liquor sales opportunity for political friends. Simply, advertising of alcohol on public properties is not as politically (or personally in campaign contributions) lucrative as supporting upgrades or new beer, wine and liquor licenses within CD-14. Thus, expect Team Huizar to politically exploit this victory for momentary gain ........, but his past political and personal issues regarding alcohol, cannot be distorted or whitewash via a "Coca Puff"---Scott Johnson.   
 Little political self-gain here (with the exception of a Coca Puff) for Councilman Huizar.
But opportunities for political and personal gains are plentiful when supporting ABC Licenses Upgrades for connected-businesses. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, January 19, 2015

An Update on the still litigous Mike Feuer/John Shallman "Matching Fundgate" Lawsuit

** Opps!! We almost forgot about this byproduct of the nasty City Attorney Race from two years ago---Scott Johnson. 
The California Court of Appeals has scheduled oral argument in the matter Laura Lake v. Mike Feuer and John Shallman (appeals court case # B251369) for January 29, 2015.
Lake, a community activist from Westwood, sued Feuer and his campaign consultant John Shallman in March 2013, under the private Attorney General Act, for numerous State and Local campaign finance violations including among other charges, defrauding the taxpayers of Los Angeles out of $350,000 which Feuer received as matching funds.    
This case follows a long line of public corruption cases that have come to light in the last few years for various State and Local officials including John Noguez, Ron Calderon, Richard Alarcon, Leeland Yee, Rodrick Wright, and elected officials with the City of Bell.
In May 2013, the trial court GRANTED Feuer and Shallman’s ANTI-SLAPP motion on the basis that “Campaign finance violations are protected by the First Amendment.“ This ruling essentially dismissed the case.
Lake believes the trial court ruled incorrectly.  In September 2013 she filed an appeal.  Her appeal is based on the holdings of many prior appellate court opinions including, City of Long Beach v. California Citizens for Neighborhood Empowerment (2003) 111 Cal. App 4th 302, 309, which holds, "[I]t is clear this result is not what the Legislature intended to achieve in passing the anti-SLAPP statute, and respondents cannot use section 425.16 as a shield behind which to hide from otherwise valid local election regulations."
In the Long Beach case, the trial court granted an ANTI–SLAPP motion, and the appellate court reversed.
More troubling is that the Feuer Legal Defense Fund received $1,000 from attorney Gregory W. Smith and another $1,000 from his wife Yuma Smith on June 28, 2013. 
On June 4, 2014, Feuer, in his role as Los Angeles City Attorney, recommended the City of Los Angeles pay attorney Gregory W. Smith $1,471,584.70 to settle the case Peter J. Bakotich, et al v. City of Los Angeles, (Los Angeles Superior Court case # BC442344).
The State number for the Feuer Legal Defense Fund is 1356553. Its filings can be found through the Los Angeles City Ethics commission web site.
John Shallman is a prominent political campaign consultant. In addition to Feuer, he was the chief strategist for Wendy Greuel, Kevin de Leon, Janice Hahn, Tom Torlakson, and Bob Hertzberg.
Shallman was also a longtime colleague of convicted campaign fundraiser Kindee Durkee, who is currently serving an 8 year prison sentence in a Federal Penitentiary for embezzling from her numerous campaign clients. Diane Feinstein claimed Durkee took $5 million dollars from her and sued her for those funds.  Shallman claimed Durkee took $1 million dollars from him and yet he never sued her for those funds. Shallman is currently also a defendant in a lawsuit filed by victims of Durkee.

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Images from Today's South LA MLK Day Parade

Images via the Facebook Pages of LA Politicos partaking in the 2015 Edition of South LA's MLK Day Parade.
Mr. and Mrs Mayor Eric Garcetti front the letters for the LAUSD High Schools All City Band.
The Float Ride of MLK Parade Grand Marshall Herman Wesson. Riding with Wesson were California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon the First and Mayor Eric Garcetti.
 Indeed, Black Lives Matter on the day set aside to celebrate the legacy of MLK
CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks taking part in his last parade as City Councilman.
The trio of CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino, Maria Elena Durazo and CD 9 City Councilman Curren Price.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Is Nury Martinez Using City Trucks to Campaign?

Elected officials will take any step possible to put their name out there to create the impression they are serving constituents, whether they are or not.

However, it is generally considered somewhat verboten not to use public resources to campaign for office, and indeed there are rules around that.

Is a local incumbent facing a serious and unexpected election challenge however perhaps skirting the letter if not the spirit of the law?

City Bureau of Sanitation trucks were seen recently that are sporting rather professional looking signage touting 6th District Council Member Nury Martinez. Martinez, just elected two years ago, is being opposed in the upcoming election by her previous opponent, former Assembly Member Cindy Montanez.

To the best of my knowledge, though I've seen City Clowncil members put their names on construction signs, event banners and other places, I've yet to see this rather blatant mobile display.

Given that the Santiation Bureua rolls up to the Department of Public Works, I'm certain it's board president, Kevin James, who in another life riled against such shadiness, will not be amused.

Certainly, the Montanez campaign must be making an inquiry of ethics officials as we speak?

(Photos courtesy of Edwin Ramirez)

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for MLK Day

Is CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino playing a dangerous game in escalating the contentious Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) West Coast Ports Labor Dispute, by his supporting of a March along the San Pedro Waterfront?
CD 15 City Councilman (and ILWU Supporter) Joe Buscaino.
** The former "Average Joe of San Pedro" who brought San Pedro and the Greater CD-15 together in electing a Native Son done great, to replace now Congresswoman Janice Hahn as its Councilperson Joe Buscaino, is using his homegrown, political capital, in taking a side on a contentions labor issue with local and nation economic implications. Via the "Average Joe's Official Facebook Page, the former LAPD Senior Lead Officer is organizing a Major Rally in support of ILWU's grievances against PMA as noted below.
The PMA's action in further cutting night shifts at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is another step closer to a lockout. It’s the wrong time to take the type of actions that will hurt the hard working residents that I represent. It will only serve to worsen the slowdown and congestion at the ports, disrupt the global supply chain, and result in irreparable damage to the reputation of our ports complex at a time when competition is peaking. I believe we are at a point where there may be no winners in the end. I beg the PMA to come to a resolution by allowing the ILWU jurisdiction over the chassis issue and bring our economic engine back to efficient operation before we lose business permanently.

** A Kamala Harris and Antonio Villaraigosa Weekend Meeting?
Former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa speaking with Attorney General Kamala Harris. 
From Willie Brown Jr. in today's Column within the Opinion Pages of the San Franscisco Chronicle ......, State Attorney General Kamala Harris and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa were spotted having dinner the other night. I assume they were talking about her — and possibly his — bid to replace retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer in 2016.
My speculation is that Villaraigosa was looking to cut a deal under which he would opt out of the Senate race and Harris would stay neutral in the 2018 governor’s campaign, which could well pit Villaraigosa against Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.

** From the dark underworld comes the below video featuring the Evil Dictator Adolf Hitler's diatribe on California Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown's proposed High Speed Rail's route through the western Angeles National Forest. Enjoy and props to its creator. 

Hitler not a fan of Moonbeam's Choo Choo.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Saturday Afternoon on the CD 14 Cyber Campaign Trail.

Trolling along the CD 14 Cyber Campaign Trail.
Basking in the positive aura of the recent trio of endorsements from US Senator Barbara Boxer, CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo .........., and former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the Gloria Molina for City Council Campaign is invited all to a MLK Day of Walking Precincts with BBQ.
 Boyle Heights Activist and CD 14 City Council Candidate Nadine Diaz had a great turnout for her Campaign Office Opening/Kickoff early in the A.M. Diaz's Boyle Heights roots are positioning her as a candidate not to be dismissed. 
Young Huizar Campaign Walkers gather at a Eagle Rock Location. According to a source ELAC Students and others are being paid $16 plus per hours to spread to falsehoods of the self-noting Princeton Graduates.
Upstart CD 14 City Council Candidate Mario Chavez has been making the rounds, espousing his Progressive Platform and leaving a trail of lawn signs.
John O'Neill is running on a Platform of creating more Affordable Housing. Link here to review his Campaign Website. 
Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Dueling CD 6 Campaign Kickoff/ Fundraisers this Weekend

The Dueling Ladies of CD 6 will be Kicking Off their respective Campaigns this MLK Holiday Weekend.

Get involve in your democratic process.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Former Mayor Antonio Villar abandons Jose Huizar to endorse Gloria Molina for CD 14

In a Los Angeles City Hall and CD 14 Political Earthquake, Former Mayor Antonio Villar abandons his hand-picked CD 14 Political Mijo Jose Huizar in Endorsing Gloria Molina.
 Even a troubled ex Failure Mayor Antonio Villar can grow weary of his Political Mijo's Tonto-like behavior which has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlement costs.
** Blogger's Note: Mayor Sam has confirmed that former CD 14 City Councilman and Mayor Antonio Villar has dumped his longtime Political Mijo Jose Huizar and endorsed Gloria Molina for City Council. The former Two-Term Mayor becomes the second member of the Villar Political Family to not support the current CD 14 Officeholder for a Third Term. In the Fall of 2014, First Cousin and former Assembly Speaker John Perez stated that despite the overtures from the Princeton Graduate during a morning coffee meeting, he could not support or endorse Huizar for re-election at that time. Now with the former Mayor endorsing the pioneering Latina Politician (in addition to US Senator Barbara Boxer and CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo), look for the endorsement floodgates for Molina and Huizar to open, with the biggest one being the possible endorsement of Mayor Eric Garcetti---Scott Johnson.

"All I can say is, I'm proud of every single one" of the endorsements, Molina said in an interview. "All these endorsements are good, and the reason they're good is that these are people who know me. I've been in the trenches with them from day one."
The endorsements were first reported Thursday by the Mayor Sam political blog. The former mayor did not immediately return a call from The Times. A Boxer representative confirmed the endorsement, saying an announcement had been planned for later this year.

The Face of Political Abandonment (by his own Papi).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The 2015 Municipal Elections "Trolling for Dough Campaign Contributions Report", The January 15 Edition

Welcome to our First Edition of the 2015 Municipal Elections "Trolling for Dough Campaign Contributions Report" featuring our favors-enabling (for the right price), self-pimping duo of Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson and Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar. 
Raining Benjamins to Pay and Play. 
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Taking a Bloggin Sick Day

Indulging in NyQuil Cold and Flu. Will hopefully be back on line manana. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The Saturday News Cycle Pipe Dream of a possible former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar for Senate Campaign gives way to a California Attorney General Kamala Harris Tuesday Announcement of the same.
The former Girlfriend of ex California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, green lights 2016 Senate Campaign.
** Blogger's Note: Please pardon this Cold-Flu-induced Flashback to Marlon Brando's "On The Waterfront Role", but with California Attorney General Kamala Harris announcing her bid to replace Senator Barbara Boxer in 2016, Brando's famous "I Could Of Been A Contender", is "Ahhh So App" in describing the current state of political being for a certain "Antonio Ramon Villar". While being given props for using the Saturday Media News Window to exhale his late Political Pipe Dream of running for some sort of Public Office, the buzz from his latest narcissist tote of self-delusion, was blunted with today's declaration via the California Progressive Rising Star. The reality for Tony on the local Democratic micro-level (and Hillary Clinton on the National Macro-level), is that the "True Progressive Wing" of the party, is going to make a strong power play (with Elizabeth Warren "NOT" leading the way) for the soul of DNC. Thus, the likes of Tony and his "Strategist MEAT" can only ponder where the once "Latino Tony Blair" went wrong---Scott Johnson in CD 14. 
Campaign Checkmate Tony!!
Hey MEAT, about that strategy of Tony grabbing on to Hillary's bottom-heavy, pants suit coattails, to get elected Senator in 2016?
Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, January 12, 2015

"Gatto Truthers" get Shut Out by Portantino Backers in 43rd AD Delegate Elections

In a possible preview of the upcoming 2016 25th State Senate District Contest between former Assemblyman Anthony Portantino and 43rd AD Assemblyman Mike Gatto, the Portantino Slate shuts out the "Gatto Truthers" 14-0, in the recent 43rd AD Democratic Delegate Elections.  
"The Infant Assemblyman" will surely shed petulant tears after Saturday's Delegate Elections Massacre.

 "Lil Mikey" contemplating the repercussions of the Portantino Faction coming in deep to inflict a resounding Delegate Elections Whoop Ass. 
 With Saturday's shutout of the Gatto Truthers in the 43rd AD Delegate Elections, the political resurrection of Anthony Portantino becomes more assured.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The 2015 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards

 The Mayor Sam Blog proudly presents the 2015 Political Ass Clown Awards.
Introducing our 2015 Ass Clown Modeling Troika of former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, her ex boss Clowncilman Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar and current City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson.
** Blogger's Note: Great Monday January 12, 2015 to all as the clouds part on this day that we honor the creative genius of blogger Mayor Frank and present our annual edition of the much-coveted Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards.
Clowncil Members, other assorted local public officials, staffers, cronies, community groupies, connected CBOs and most important, our valued loyal cyber audience of decent blogging Angelinos, its time to gather in front of your respective keyboards as we bring you the dubious best from our diverse cast of "Political Payasos y Payasas" that make up the Los Angeles Political Machine.
For those who may choose to inquire about the absence of the 2014 Ass Clown Awards Model Duo of former CD 1 City Clowncilman Ed "Density" Reyes and his Chief of Staff Jose Gardea, we like to take the occasion of the former CD 1 Officeholder's Birthday to notify him (and his "Mini Ed"), that their cyber services are no longer needed.
Instead, we introduce our 2015 curvy model troika made up of former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, along with Political Soul Brothers Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson and Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar, as most would agree that their respective actions define the 2014 Political Year at 200 Spring Street.
Thus, with no further keyboarding ado, its time to open our duck-taped, fecal matter-laden recycle plastic bags (thanks to the actions of reigning Nanny Spud Clowncilman Paul Koretz) and present our cyber audience with the 2015 Edition of the Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards---Scott Johnson.
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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

We bring you this bloggin PSA on the pratfalls of over-indulging in Political Pipe Dreams, that lead to Narcissist Episodes of delusional thoughts of future Political Grandeur, as a former "Failure Mayor" seriously contemplates a run for US Senate.     
 Objective, discerning Angelinos will never forget the Two Term Reign of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar (formerly marry to Corina Raigosa).
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Photos from Clowncilman Huizar's Re-election Campaign Kickoff

Hundreds of youth (and some adults of voting age), turned out on a dreary Saturday morning to witness the last Re-election Kickoff of Boyle Heights (via Zacatecas)-raised embattled CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose "The Tonto Huevon" Huizar. 
Clowncilman Huizar and Wife Richelle addressing the assembled youth and adults of voting age, with family behind in support.

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