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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ridley-Thomas: $75,000 Prop 46 Pay to Play?

No, we didn't get rid of pay to play when James Hahn left office.

Proposition 46 is a measure to, among other things, increase the state's cap on medical malpractice awards. Backed by consumer groups, large attorney firms, some unions, politicians such as Senator Barbara Boxer and activists such as Candace Lightner, founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Erin "They're boobs, Ed" Brockovich, the proposal seeks to address a number of issues and allegedly outdated laws and regulations around medical malpractice.

Not surprisingly, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, the Republican party, the California Chamber of Commerce, Stuart Waldman's Valley Industry and Commerce Association and several other unions are opposed to the measure.

However, the latest kerfuffle around the measure concerns our old friend, County Supervisor, Mark Ridley- Thomas. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that proponents of the measure say that following a $75,000 donation by the No on 46 committee to Ridley-Thomas' PAC, the African American Voter Registration, Education and Participation Project, the Supervisor scheduled a vote for the County Board of Supervisors to vote to oppose 46.

Pay to play at work again? What would Betty Pleasant say?

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CD 14 Coffee Smackdown!! John Perez "wasn't convinced" to endorse Jose Huizar

As former Failure Mayor Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) announces that he will not challenge CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Bad Boy Jose Huizar, a coffee meeting of the two does not go well for the Princeton Graduate.
Even First Cousins can agree to disagree on political occasions.
** Blogger's Note: If anyone was still in denial about the waning political capital of CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Bad Boy Jose Huizar, then let these attributed comments from former California Assembly Speaker John Perez, shake you back to reality (Disclaimer: the following comments from former Failure Mayor Tony Villar's First Cousin John, may result in a petulant, vindictive episode of reality-based recrimination via the Princeton Graduate).
“He wasn’t able to convince me to endorse him. He didn’t make a persuasive case,”
 Being a Petulant, Vindictive Political Huevon can be a negative.
Memo to Gloria Molina Campaign Consultant Fred Register, First Cousin John's utterance needs to end up on a campaign mailer in the near future, as it showcases the current political reality in CD 14.
No amount of new Clean Community Initiatives, mixed with payoffs to Connected Non-Profits, will be able to power wash the ethical stain, that has defined the political (and personal) behavior of a once promising Princeton Graduate, turned City Hall Bad Boy.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Bloggin Personal Note ............

Time for the annual visit to the Optometrist today, will resume bloggin productivity this evening.
I can see Sleazy Huizzy even more clearly after my annual visit to the Eye Doctor.
How many "Es" in "Broken Deal Cedillo"?

Friday, September 12, 2014

T. Gloria I.F. Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

Its all about Gloria as the Political Musing Class keyboards analysis on the upcoming battle between the termed-out Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor and the embattled CD 14 incumbent Jose Huizar. 
CD 14 City Council Candidate and LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina, with some potential CD 14 Campaign endorsers?
With apologies to Van Morrison and Patty Smith, there is a new G-L-O-R-I-A climbing the Political Musing Class Charts in Ciudad de Los Angeles.
At 66 years of age and not ready to slow down, CD 14 City Council Candidate and out-going LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina, has been a musing God-send as the likes of Jill Stewart, Doug McIntyre and others, have taken to keyboard as we excerpt below.

** Late Morning Update: Councilman Huizar's Sexual Harassment Trial postpone to March 2, 2015. One day before the CD 14 Election.
Molina’s decision to take on the ethically challenged incumbent, City Councilman Jose Huizar, raised eyebrows among City Hall watchers since professional politicians in L.A. tend to stay out of each other’s way. Of course, Huizar is a special case; his personal indiscretions have made him particularly vulnerable. In 2012 Huizar, driving a city-owned vehicle, plowed into a motorist stopped at a traffic light. Despite the late hour, no Breathalyzer was given until several hours after the accident, and when the victim finally agreed to a taxpayer-funded $185,000 settlement, Huizar had the chutzpah to declare, “I take full responsibility.”The second shoe will drop in November when a sexual harassment suit filed by former Huizar aide and paramour Francine Godoy goes to trial.
Godoy alleges Huizar, a married father of four, retaliated against her for refusing to carry on a sexual relationship. Godoy’s salary jumped from $47,000 in 2006 to $132,000 in 2013, during which time she moved into an office next to Huizar’s with a “specially constructed connecting door,” according to City Watch LA columnist Jack Humphreville.

From Jill Stewart in the LA Weekly:
Former city controller Laura Chick had harsh words for both Huizar and Molina: "I was surprised and a little aghast" about Molina's announcement, she says, "because I happen to believe in something called the art of leaving. Gloria Molina has served this city long and well, but it's time to pass the baton. I was very surprised that in this long time of public service that she hasn't found someone to mentor. Men — or especially women. And it's disappointing to me."
But, Chick adds, "That said, I hope to heck someone puts Jose Huizar out of office."
Grace Yoo, a Koreatown activist involved in a federal lawsuit that claims the 2012 Wesson-led redistricting chopped apart legally protected communities, has not taken a side in the Molina-Huizar war.
But if Molina can persuade voters that the City Council is emerging as a new version of the old boys' club — 14 males who vote in lockstep on 99 percent of council matters — she may pose a threat to Huizar.
Yoo says, "I think the fact that Gloria Molina stepped into the CD14 race means that this very quiet race has, all of a sudden, become a very major race. ... She's been the first Latina on so many occasions. She certainly wouldn't be the first Latina City Council member — but the fact is that we currently only have one" woman on the council: Nury Martinez, who represents part of the San Fernando Valley.

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11-01: A Day Forever to be Remember .........

Our thoughts on this Thirteenth Anniversary of 9-11-01 are with the families of those who's losses are still profound and with the heroes who's selfless deeds, were and still are, an inspiration that personified the American Spirit. 

May the Flag of Freedom forever Wave.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another "Broken Deal Cedillo Moment" as Clowncilman Gil announces himself the 2014 El Grito MC

Inquiring minds want to know why embattled CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar is not the Lead Host of the 2014 Edition of El Grito??
 CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar can only frown as his diluted Political Capital at City Hall enables CD 1 City Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" to happily usurp him as this year's MC of El Grito.
Blogger's Note: Political Choices in life have consenquences, just ask CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Bad Boy Jose Huizar. As a judge was hearing arguments yesterday in Federal Court pertaining to the backroom-crafted, racially-motivated, now litigious 2012 Redistricting Controversy, another backroom-crafted move was made public that undercuts the supposed "Princeton Graduate's" gains from the 2012 process. Judging from the Media Advisory below, Mayor Eric Garcetti, with the help of CD City Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", have made a end around in usurping the embattled Clowncilman's control of Downtown turf, by bumping him from lead host of this year's El Grito Festivities. Can we call this political payback for mouthing off on the successful Jay-Z Concert at Grand Park? Si Senor---Scott Johnson. 
 Media Advisory!! "Broken Deal Cedillo" brokers backroom agreement to host El Grito 2014 on CD 14 turf.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Morning Brief on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

There is no minimum amount of critical musing when it comes to panning a pirating of a Campaign Gimmick for political gain.
The pirating of a "Campaign Gimmick" stimulates creative use of Photoshop.
WHO WE ARE-It was the closing days of the dreariest mayoral campaign imaginable and the unions that so heavily backed the indecisive Wendy Greuel flooded the city’s poor neighborhoods with mailings and sound trucks blaring with the good news: $15 an hour minimum wage if she wins. 
Eric Garcetti was beside himself, denouncing Greuel for taking the millions of dollars in union money he wished he’d gotten and calling the ploy to nearly double the minimum wage a "cynical attempt to buy votes." It gives, he told reporters, “false hope to people who are struggling to make ends meet … a $15 minimum wage, that sets up a false expectation." You can’t call Garcetti a total hypocrite for coming out on Labor Day in support of raising the minimum wage 22 percent every year to bring it to $13.25 an hour by 2017 when he will be seeking re-election. Maybe he’s only a three-quarters hypocrite though you can bet all you’ve got it will get to $15 an hour soon enough.

** A blogging flashback moment via Jack Humphreville as he muses on the upcoming CD 14 Campaign between Jose Huizar, Gloria Molina (and John Perez?) ........,
Huizar is also embroiled in a couple of scandals, including a 2012 car accident which the City settled for $185,000 in March of 2014. The major scandal involves a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Francine Godoy, his former aide, alleging that married Huizar retaliated against her for refusing to continue their sexual relationship.  During her tenure in his office, the very attractive Godoy’s salary increased from $47,000 in 2006 to $132,000 in 2013, during which time she moved into an adjoining office to Huizar that had a specially constructed connecting door.

** LA Downtown News Editor and reigning "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie is no one's fool in musing his cynical thoughts (mixed with facetious word play) about a proposed voter lottery to stimulate turnout at the polls ........,
OK, I’m being facetious, but as mentioned above, how about looking at cash payouts only after trying other steps? Those steps, by the way, include having city politicians acknowledge that their attempts at career longevity are part of the problem. Actually, they’re about 88% of the problem. Get-out-the-vote efforts by politicians who target their own constituencies are much more effective for them when the voting pool is miniscule. That and other machinations mean many local elections are highly, if legally, manipulated. Said another way, local balloting is increasingly more a coronation than an election. While theoretically anyone can run for any office, the power of entrenched office holders and political machines, including big-money labor and business groups, means that choice is quashed long before election day.

Your thoughts ...............,
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Morning Brief on a Fraudulent (now litigious) 2012 Redistricting Scheme for Monday

For those with short-term political memories, the fraudulent (now litigious) 2012 City of Los Angeles Redistricting Controversy, is still alive and well for the African and Korean American Communities on the eve of a major hearing in Federal Court. 
The Korean American Community continues its fight for Justice against the backroom dealings that denied fair representation for 15% of the City of Los Angeles Population.
The backroom,, political, self-enriching actions of Jose "Thelma Huizar" and Herman "Louise Wesson" nears its judicial plunge off the ethical cliff.
** Blogger's Note: The quest for "Redistricting Justice" continues as we are on the eve of a major hearing tomorrow at 10 A.M. in the Spring Street US Courthouse. Plaintiffs for the African and Korean American Communities, continue their quest for legal redress in seeking to overturn the injustice that was the backroom-conceived 2012 Redistricting Commission process, that in part, brought Downtown LA and Koreatown (nefarious?) political riches for City Clowncil Central Committee Soulmates Jose "Thelma Huizar" and Herman "Louise Wesson" respectively. For those with short term political memories, the highlights of the now litigious 2012 Redistricting Façade included; a Redistricting Commission Member allegedly consulting a campaign during the process, a Commission Member who (was force to) resigned, allegations of bribery disclosed in a Commission Hearing, council district boundaries redrawn so that the Commission Executive Director could domicile for a future run in CD 4 ........, and the defining classic (especially in litigiously outing one self), City Clowncil Central Committee General Secretary Herman "Louise Wesson", bearing his tortured, redistricting soul in front of African-American Clergy. Below, we post in full the Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Adjudication for your review. We will be in court tomorrow for this important hearing---Scott Johnson. 
Page 1 of Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Adjudication 
Page 2 of Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Adjudication
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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Dispatches from the "Disempowerment LA-occupied" LA-32 Neighborhood Council Underground for 9-6-14

LIVE from the LA-32 NC Underground, its our "First Annual Community Connected Non-Profits Gone Wild Video Festival", as dubious 501-C3s join together in protecting their alleged, fraudulent, secretive sense of fiscal entitlement, from those who value Openness and Transparency when allocating public funds.   
 Would Alta Med take Exception to sponsoring the El Sereno Bicentennial Committee, who has allegedly practice Quality Care in SHREDDING past tax documents and endorses Cyber Bullying to intimidate its critics?
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Friday, September 05, 2014

LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina to challenge Huizar for CD 14 in 2015

LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina announces her intention to challenge CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar in 2015.
The former CD 1 City Councilwomen lays out her intentions to defeat the Princeton Graduate.
Being an arrogant, abusive huevon, apparently does not insure re-election.
In a CD-14 Political Earthquake, LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina announced her intentions this afternoon to challenge embattled CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, in the upcoming 2015 Municipal Elections.
Many political observers have been speculating since the Spring of 2013 whether the termed-out Supervisor was seeking to continue her political career, with a return to 200 Spring Street. That speculation was partly fueled with her sponsorship of programs and events, such as the LA-32 Neighborhood Council-created Ascot Hills Kite Festival.
 In recent weeks, word of mouth had Molina associates looking for a place to establish domicile within the district. Informally, contacts within the Mayor Garcetti inner-circle have stated that any potentially big name candidates would wait until after Labor Day to disclose their intentions which Supervisor Molina did today as the LA Times notes. 
"I am concerned that there is only one woman on the [15-member] City Council," said Molina, who had served on the council from 1987 to 1991. "When I left, that wasn't the case at all."
Molina, who spent nearly three decades living in Mt. Washington, said she moved into Huizar's district -- a requirement for candidates seeking the seat -- a few weeks ago. She has separated from her husband, business consultant Ron Martinez, and purchased a three-bedroom home in El Sereno. She also has hired political consultant Fred Register for her campaign.

Councilman Huizar's "Director of Spin" crafted the following "Coca Puff" for his boss.

Huizar spokesman Rick Coca responded with a statement from the councilman touting his work in the district, which includes El Sereno, part of Highland Park and most of downtown. “From revitalizing Broadway and helping create thousands of jobs downtown, to building new parks, to championing groundbreaking pedestrian, bike and business friendly policies that are the model for the entire city, the service to Council District 14 constituents has never been higher and I look forward to continuing to serve as their councilmember for  the next four years," Huizar said

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Morning Briefs on Women (Nadine Diaz and Sandra Mendoza) taking on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

As CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose  Huizar nears his November's Sexual Harassment Trial (with no Settlement pending), challenger Nadine Diaz presents her reasons for replacing the Princeton Graduate in 2015.
CD 14 City Council Candidate Nadine Diaz from her Campaign Website.
Nadine is a third generation Boyle Heights resident who is Japanese and Mexican American.  Born in 1962, she has two degrees from the University of Southern California (USC) and years of experience working within the Council District 14 community.  Nadine knows about the daily lives of these hard working people and has the necessary skills, experience, and education to be the first successful and worthy councilwoman to represent Los Angeles City Council District 14. She is from a local family that is the embodiment of the American Dream. She is a leader within the community, and with your support and vote, will be the first woman to represent L.A. City Council District 14
Anybody but Huevon Huizzy for City Council in 2015! 
Support Sandra Mendoza for Assembly against Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) anointed, carpetbag candidate Miguel Santiago.
Support the home grown Sandra Mendoza over Canoga Park's Miguel Santiago.
Sandra Mendoza is a committed and experience community leader. Sandra has helped improve local schools, increase public safety and has helped improve the lives of working people.  Sandra knows what our community needs because she is a long time resident of the community she seeks to represent. Sandra has been part of the district for over 30 years. Sandra has been active on many issues that have made our lives better and safer. From mentoring young women, to working to improve public education, to reducing crime and helping working people.
Miguel Santiago longing for his Canoga Park home.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Beeber to Seek CD4 Seat

Los Angeles parking/traffic activist, Jay Beeber, who was the force behind ending the city's red light cameras and is now part of the team spearheading the Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative, has announced his candidacy for the Los Angeles City Council, to the District 4 seat to be vacated by the term limited Tom LaBonge in 2015.

Beeber joins a crowded field including former Assemblyman Wally Knox.

In a statement released to press, Beeber said “Year after year, the same problems continue to plague our city while our elected officials maintain the status quo”, said Beeber. “I believe it doesn't have to be this way and we can do better. We must demand that City Council Members concentrate on the issues that most affect us in our daily lives and listen more closely to the people they represent. Los Angeles' best days are ahead, but only if we begin now to fix what's wrong.”

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When a former Campaign Gimmick becomes a new Policy Initiative for Mayor Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti embraces former Mayoral Challenger Wendy Greuel's "Gimmick" of raising the Minimum Wage. 
From a Wendy Greuel Campaign Gimmick to new Mayor Garcetti Policy Initiative.
Wendy Greuel to Eric Garcetti: "You want to lick my campaign gimmick of forcing businesses to pay out a higher Minimum Wage"?
The Mayor who turned a former Populist Radio Host into a City Hall Insider, is seeking to put lipstick on the campaign gimmick piglet that was former Mayoral Challenger Wendy "Maria Elena Durazo Greuel's" plan for a $15 dollar an hour Minimum Wage, and sell it as "Raise The Wage LA".
While it was a no-brainer that now Mayor Garcetti was the "lessor of two leftie evils" in the last elections, no one should be surprise that the Rhodes Scholar's inner-Fabian Progressive proclivities, would be the foundation for pirating a "gimmick" and re-sailing it as policy. 
That said, the local business community, who is already placing surcharges into its cost to cover Obamacare, may want to remind Mayor Garcetti of these comments when the "Maria Elena Durazo Greuel Campaign" proposed the same Minimum Wage Hike Scheme/
Greuel's opponent, Councilman Eric Garcetti, called the efforts a "cynical attempt to buy votes" and "give false hope to people who are struggling to make ends meet." Garcetti told reporters at a news conference at his Studio City office that Greuel should disavow the message, which was included in mailers sent out by an independent group sponsored by the L.A. County Federation of Labor.
What else did Mayor Garcetti say? .........,
Garcetti said he supports asking businesses for higher wages when they receive city assistance, but he does not back an increase of L.A.'s minimum wage to $15. "We can't head our economy off of a cliff because suddenly we would become absolutely uncompetitive with other places," he said.
Then there was this in the Daily News ........,
Appearing at a taping for Monday's mayoral debate in Studio City, Garcetti called the mailers a gimmick. "A $15 minimum wage, that sets up a false expectation," Garcetti said.
He also stated that the mailers are taking advantage of voters at the end of the race.

Flashbacking to the comments above, is it fair to keyboard that Mayor Garcetti was giving false hopes to the LA Business Community, that he would take a "Back to the Basis" approach in renewing the economic environment? Thus, we can only hope that Angelinos see through this latest "get out the base campaign gimmick" and prepare for additional costs that are the byproduct of increases in the Minimum Wage.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

 Former CD 2/7 City Clowncilman Richard AlarCON Chief of Staff (and rumored "Lady Friend" of CD 1 Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo") Becca Doten, apparently needs to take a campaign solicitation refresher course, as her work on behalf of the Jim McDonnell for Sheriff Campaign, comes under scrutiny.  
Has Becca Doten (to right of Richard AlarCON) gone from being the convicted CD 2/7 Clowncil Member's Chief of Staff to campaign solicitation rules-challenged Campaign Manager for the Jim McDonnell for Sheriff Campaign (while being the new rumored "Lady Friend" of CD 1 Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo")?
Oh the Political Visuals here!
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Monday, September 01, 2014

"The Cyber Bullying Cowards of El Sereno 90032" are "Unlike" by Facebook

As many complaints from irate Community Stakeholders prompt Facebook to shut down the Cyber Bullying Page "Stop the Bullies from El Sereno 90032" what actions will LA-32 Neighborhood Council President Marleen Fonseca take against her Committee Appointees (Jorge "El Nopal" Garcia and Genny Guerrero), who endorsed (or "Like") the Cyber Bullying Website from its inception?   
No Justice, No LA-32 NC Peace for President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo) until she sends a clear message to the community by removing those from NC Committees who endorse Cyber Bullying.
** Blogger's Note: After many emails, phone calls and complaints, Facebook has removed the cowardly Act of Cyber Bullying, now deposited in the "Cyber Circular File", known as the "Stop the Bullies from El Sereno 90032". But while Facebook did the right thing in shutting down the assemblage of cyber cowards,  LA-32 Neighborhood Council Stakeholders need to demand that its current President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), act swiftly to remove anyone associated with the NC, who has endorsed, or "Like", the former Cyber Bullying Page. Those "endorsee" include Business & Economic Committee Member Genny Guerrero, Land Use & Development Committee Member (and El Sereno Historical Society President) Jorge "El Nopal" Garcia (husband of Budget & Finance Committee Member Yolie Garcia, along with the husband of Treasurer Michelle Corzantes, Joshua "PJ" Corzantes (BTW, does PJ stand for Profane Joshua?). While the former Ms. Caudillo stated her confidence that no board members were directly involve with the Cyber Attacks (while claiming to be a victim of such), LA-32 Stakeholders should express their "No Confidence" in her, if she fails to take action---Scott Johnson/ 
 A couple of the Facebook messages sent to LA-32 NC Stakeholders regarding the removal of the "Stop the Bullies from El Sereno 90032" Cyber Bullying Page.
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sunday Bloggin Comments (on an alleged "Couple of Faith", Joshua and Michelle) to Mayor Sam for 8-31-14

Its time to highlight those "Anonymous Maverick Commentators", who take the time to offer their respective insight/spin/chisme on our bloggin musings, (of course, we do not take responsibility, or endorse the comments noted here as true, but heck, sometimes they provide a tipoff worth further investigating ......., especially if the "Couple of Interest" are seeking to nefariously-usurp divine oversight).
Former Maverick Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty R.I.P.
** Blogger's Note: As the sun rises on the "Seventh Day", the Mayor Sam Blog has taken notice of many of you who have called, email and keyboard witness to a supposed "Husband and Wife Duo of Faith", that in a short bloggin period of time, have shown an alleged "inner-darkness of character", unseen in recent times. Not to bear False Witness (unlike the slanderous Cyber Cowards behind a vile Facebook Page), this blogger has heard, read, observed and been the recipient of repugnant attacks from the Wife Michelle Corzantes (supported by the Husband Joshua "PJ" Corzantes). Most chilling out of the stories shared by Our Lady of Gradalupe Church parishioners regarding the alleged, nefarious conduct of the Wife and Husband Duo, was a past incident involving German Youth, who were part of a long-practiced exchange program between Catholic Parishes around the World. According to sources, Husband and Wife Corzantes took the underage exchange parishioners to a Goth-theme Night Club (one can note "Michelle Kitty Goth's" Gothic proclivities by linking here). During the evening both Husband and Wife Corzantes, allegedly became intoxicated, prompting some within the group to state their concerns about being in the same vehicle with the impaired duo. Needless to say, that alleged incident, along with others (involving family members), were the cause of Our Lady of Gradalupe Church's decision to cut ties with the two. Now as Husband and Wife Corzantes move on to Cesar Chaves Elementary and All Saints Church, many of you are now giving witness, anonymously of course, unless you want to be slander on a vile Facebook Page---Scott Johnson. 
Would the All Saints Church Parish of El Sereno (pictured above) find it wise not to import the dubious "Youth Ministries Teachings" of former Rose Hill's Our Lady of Gradalupe Church Parish "Youth Ministry/Confirmation Director" Michelle Corzantes (and profanity-uttering Husband Joshua "PJ" Corzantes)? 

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Sunday (on Saturday) Bloggin Comments (on Cyber Bullying endorsing Genny) to Mayor Sam for 8-30-14

 Its time to highlight those "Anonymous Maverick Commentators", who take the time to offer their respective insight/spin/chisme on our bloggin musings, (of course, we do not take responsibility, or endorse the comments noted here as true, but heck, sometimes they provide a tipoff worth further investigating ......., especially if the allegedly SHREDDING of tax documents is involve.).
 Former Maverick Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty R.I.P.
** Blogger's Notes: Happy Opening College Football Saturday as we bring this Special Edition of Bloggin Comments to Mayor Sam. Many of you spent quality time, keyboarding comments on the likes of "Disempowerment LA", "Broken Deal Cedillo", a Staffer name "Julio", the former Marleen Caudillo (now Fonseca), among others. But by far, most of your comments were in regards to El Sereno Bicentennial Parade Coordinator Genny "I like Cyber Bullying" Guerrero. While many of your comments (and our recent coverage) have focus on Genny's endorsing (or in Facebook Speak, "Like") of a cowardly Cyber Bullying Facebook Page (which continues to grow it lists of victims), the paramount issue of importance should be why a long time community Non-Profit, that has been the recipient of both public and private funds (from the likes of Wells Fargo, Health Net, Alta Med among others), has SHREDDED past tax records. Maybe that is why those who dare ask such questions have become victims of slanderous acts of Cyber Bullying in the 90032?---Scott Johnson.
Maybe the "best decision" for the likes of Health Net, is not to give money to a community organization that has SHREDDED past tax documents.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for a Labor Day Weekend Getaway

What will be the top bloggin briefs when we return on Tuesday (with a possible surprise or two between now and then)? 
What possible trouble can former CD2/7 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Richard (convicted) Alarcon's Chief of Staff Becca Doten get in as the Campaign Manager for LA County Sheriff Candidate Jim McDonnell?
**Blogger's Note: Its bloggin time to remove fingers from keyboard to enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer. When we return on Tuesday, expect the following to merit bloggin attention<
1. Becca Doten's "role" with the Jim McDonnell for Sheriff Campaign.
2. Latest CD 14 City Clowncil Candidate Mario Chavez's Website is online.
3. Redistricting 2012 Lawsuit heats up.
4. Bloggin countdown to City Hall Trial of the New Century.
5. McMansion Controversy hits Hancock Park.
6. Outing LA-32 Cyber Bullies continues.
7. Aftermath of Labor Day Concert at Civic Center's Grand Park (tickets still available).
....., and of course, our latest "Sunday Bloggin Comments to Mayor Sam".
Have a safe weekend and avoid drinking and driving (it could cost you).
Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For Genny Guerrero, denouncing Cyber Bullying is not a Priority

Should Wells Fargo Bank sponsor a Community Organization such as the El Sereno Bicentennial Committee (and its "Parade Coordinator" Genny Guerrero) who endorses Cyber Bullying and destroys its previous tax documents?
There is no way to prance around the fact that Wells Fargo Bank's continuing sponsorship of a organization (and its "Parade Coordinator") that "Likes Cyber Bullying", sends the wrong corporate message to its victims
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Morning Briefs on the Dysfunctional Broken Deal Cedillo Political Machine for Wednesday

We detail the growing backlash in CD 1 over alleged broken promises via its City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
Who will be next in CD 1 to renounce City Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" over a broken promise?
Being known as "One Bill Gil" can't offset the most recent moniker bestowed on the latest CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo".
From Lincoln Heights, through Cypress Park, up the Figueroa Corridor,, to the crest of Mount Washington, the recriminations against alleged broken promises by the "Champion of the Undocument" are being noted for the record as numerous "Broken Deal Cedillo Episodes". Follow along on our bloggin tour of the exclusive false promises trail of "Broken Deal Cedillo".
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Group dedicated to Stopping the Bullies at Cesar Chavez Elementary School in El Sereno

Mayor Sam has been made aware of a group of concern "Cesar Chavez Elementary Stakeholders" who are discussing the "Bullying Proclivities" of a certain "Parent Volunteer" that resembles (or is) LA-32 Neighborhood Council Treasurer Michelle Corzantes (formerly Arroyo).
 Who needs a COSTCO donation of free photo development, when you can pay a certain "Parent Volunteer" (with cash and no receipt), to take your picture with Santa (allegedly)?
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

From his days as a Clowncilman Villar staffer, through gigs at DONE (aka "DONE DUM"), California State Government, with IT stops (mixed with Cyber Trolling, allegedly) along the way, Ulisses Sanchez is the latest ex. Clowncilman Huizar associate/staffer to gain employment, by shilling for a major project within the "Princeton Graduate's" Political Fiefdom.   
A Bloggin Uli Flashback!! 
Sources just confirmed that Jose Huizar is frantically try to find out who is Red Spot and whom might be blogging bad about him. He has aquired the help of two I.T. Specialist named Uli and one Mr. Lucero. Apperently they have been talking to men people about their assignment. I hope they know this is illegal and the Feds are probably monitoring Huizar moves. Wouldn't want to get you gentalmen mixed up in all this.
August 07, 2009 7:29 PM The old days of  "Cyber Trolling" we never forget.
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Its Sunday Bloggin Comments (about Julio) to Mayor Sam for 8-24-14

 Its time to highlight those "Anonymous Maverick Commentators", who take the time to offer their respective insight/spin/chisme on our bloggin musings, (of course, we do not take responsibility, or endorse the comments noted here as true, but heck, sometimes they provide a tipoff worth further investigating).
Former Maverick Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty R.I.P.
** Blogger's Note: Great Sunday to all as our "Its Sunday Bloggin to Mayor Sam" continues to be a cyber success. Bloggin content, like the theatrics at Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee Meetings, changes from day to day, but your opportunity to become an interactive part of the dialog, is only an Anonymous Comment away. In selecting this week's comments for highlighting, please note that we do not endorse, or condone the musings of our "Anonymous Maverick Commentators" as being true, but then if one searches the cyber archives of this blog, you can't discount the chisme posted here---Scott Johnson 
Absolutely Loyal (3 for loyalty and 5 for influence perfect score on Listgate) CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar Staffer Julio Torres. 
** If you never thought that political, absolute loyal pays off materially (ie. in a salary staffer position), then meet Julio Torres. Before cashing in on his solitary perfect score (3 and 5) as noted in our bloggin coverage of the 2011 Listgate Scandal, Julio was garnering journalistic/public relations insight from his work at the LA Times to create the glossy, community propaganda magazine "Our Town El Sereno". The timing of "Our Town El Sereno's" creation was most interesting considering that "The Voice Community News" (which Julio had been involved with before creating Our Town) was earning journalistic kudos for its objective reporting on community issues which did not cast Clowncilman Huizar in a positive light. Many local observers saw "Our Town El Sereno" as the "propaganda-counter publication" to The Voice, as it always regurgitated Clowncilman Huizar's Talking Points and never reporting negative news about the community. Its obvious from reviewing the publication that the glossy propaganda organ is supported by the Clowncilman (some have even speculated that its ad rates was being subsidize to under cut "The Voice"). Thus, why not have your community propagandist on the payroll (plus, he can insure that only fellow Huizzynistas serve on Park PABs, Neighborhood Councils, reward "Connected Non-Profits" and punish those, with help of Cyber Bullys, allegedly, who do not exhibit absolute loyalty to the "Dear Charro/Princeton Graduate")---Scott Johnson.
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dispatches from the "Disempowerment LA-occupied" LA-32 Neighborhood Council Underground 8-23-14

As LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo) expresses "confidence" (while casting herself as a victim) that none of the current Board Members were directly connected to the "Stop the Bullies from El Sereno 90032 Cyber Bullying Facebook Page", evidence presented below "may point back to her (and associates)", as the motivation behind its creation.  
Any Cyber Bullies lurking in the shadows behind LA-32 NC President Fonseca (formerly Caudillo)?
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Caption this ................................

Your "Greece on the Pacific" (the former Sober Golden State) "ahhhh Latino Drunkincrats Caucus getting S...face" (with legal consequences for one later).
An image of a tweet by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, shows, from left, Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Watsonville; Assemblyman Roger Hernández, D-West Covina; Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego (** who would later be arrested for DUI); state Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens; and Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez, D-Coachella.
............., and they weren't celebrating Cinco de Mayo or El Grito either.
Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/08/22/6647313_a6647312/ben-hueso-other-lawmakers-photographed.html#storylink=cpy

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Grayce Liu's Response to Cyber Bullying of LA-32 NC Board Member and Stakeholders

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) General Manager Grayce Liu response regarding Cyber Bullying Attacks against LA-32 Neighborhood Council Board Member Angela Duarte and Stakeholders, with follow up from this Blogger. 
Will "decisive action" from DONE follow the words of its GM Grayce Liu (top photo) in sanctioning any NC Board Members or Committee Appointees associated in vile, slanderous Cyber Bullying Attacks?

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Grayce Liu we have a Problem!! Husband of LA-32 NC Treasurer Michelle Corzantes endorses Cyber Bullying of NC Board Member Angela Duarte and Stakeholders

"Disempowerment LA's" General Manager Grayce Liu needs to take decisive actions to condemn the "Cyber Bullying Attacks" against LA-32 Neighborhood Council Board Member Angela Duarte, former NC Members, Community Stakeholders and endorsed by the husband of current NC Treasurer Michelle Corzantes, Joshua "PJ" Corzantes.
"Disempowerment LA" GM Grayce Liu will not smile when she takes notice of a NC Board Member's husband condoning "Cyber Bullying Attacks" on fellow Board Members.
** Blogger's Note: There is nothing more disempowering today in the world of Social Media, than having your character attacked and besmirched by some coward hiding in the cyber shadows of the Internet.
For current LA-32 NC Board Member Angela Duarte (who I served with professionally on the last incarnation of the NC, for the record), she has become the latest victim of the cyber darkness of slanderous attacks via the "Stop the Bullies of El Sereno 90032 Facebook Page" ....., and as a photo below shows, the attack was "Like" by the husband of the NC's Treasurer Michelle Corzantes, Joshua "PJ" Corzantes (who also video tapes the meetings on behalf of the board). You can also note via viewing the Facebook Page, that in addition to condoning the Cyber Attack on Board Member Duarte, Mr. Corzantes has "Liked" other Cyber Bullying Attacks on those (including myself) posted.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Does LAPD Hollenbeck Division CPAB Board Member Genny Guerrero endorse Cyber Bullys?

Why is the Official Facebook Page of the El Sereno Bicentennial Parade Organization, associated with "Parade Coordinator" and LAPD Hollenbeck Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) Member Genny Guerrero, endorsing the "Cyber Bullying" of former LA-32 NC Board Members and Community Stakeholders?  
El Sereno Bicentennial Parade Coordinator and LAPD Hollenbeck CPAB Member Genny Guerrero with Hollenbeck Commanding Officer Captain Martin Baeza.
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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

Our Morning Briefs for Hump Day BREAKS NO RIBS in offering up this gentle update regarding Assemblyman Matt Dababneh's proclivities to cross party lines in seeking "interactions in the course of dialog (broad terms)".
Noted Sacramento "Cross Party Lines Engager" 45th AD Assemblyman Matt Dababneh.
Do Redheads ribs break easier than Blondes or Brunettes, allegedly?
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